Bert Meulendijk Kemper Profiles

I have put together five collections of Profiles taken from my personal tube amps and other favorites being released as five very useful Rig Packs for the Kemper Profiler.

The content of these Rig Packs was tested in all kinds of songs, over and over again until I was completely convinced and satisfied with the usefulness and quality of every single Profile. 


These amps have proven themselves both in the studio and live on stage. The amps are stunning and I bought them for their adaptable sound for live or studio performances.


It's a mix of golden oldies and modern amps, tops, and pre-amps.


Check out the sound samples. Each sound is produced solely by the amp (no plugins, no adjustments), I've only used some reverb and/or delay (courtesy of the Kemper Profiling Amp).


The profiles from pack 1 were recorded using U47 FET, SM57 and Heil PR30 mics and a Chandler TG-2 pre-amp at BM Studio.


The profiles from pack 2 were recorded at the Wisseloord, Jaywalker and BM studios. I've used a API-console and preamps (Wisseloord), SSL console and preamps (Jaywalker), U47 FET, SM57 and Heil PR30 mics and a Chandler TG-2 pre-amp (BM Studio). The spec's of mics being used can be found in the RigManager.


B-Verb, F-man and the acoustic pack were produced at BM Studio.

Specs can be found in Rigmanagers inspector.


These profiles are only available in seperate packs or in a full pack which contains all five packs.

Price incl. VAT