Profile Pack 2

Profile Pack 2

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Profile Pack 2

Bert Meulendijk Kemper profiles Rigpack 2 Amps:

Jacky NC30: 
The best clean amp I’ve ever heard till now.Strong and punchy sound.
Recreation of a Jackson Ampworks NC 30

Superlead 2 channel amp with a “van Weelden” modification.
You can choose and boost mid frequencies.
I only profiled crunch en distortion sounds, I don’t like the SL100 cleans                       
very much.

Bassguy BF: 
Bassman-like amp, nice. 

Bassguy SF:
Silverface bassman-like amp, very nice cleans.

Very nice punchy clean and brutal crunch.

Solduro SLO 100: 
X99 big brother, cool amp.
More sofisticated than for instance a Marshall.

Kog Superlead:
Surprising pre-amp, very usable sounds

Oran Bangeetar:

Vocks AC30:
64 ultra British

Class A amp, made in Poland, big surprise, powerful clean and huge crunch

Recreation of a Budda amp, cool !!

Recreation of a fifties Les Paul GA-40 amp, Jensen speaker.
Cool jazzy sounds. Humbucker guitar only.

2 clean profiles, that’s what it does best.

Tweed amp, sparkling cleans, nice OD’s

Recreation of a Katzenkönig OD with a Bogner Ecstacy classic amp channel 1
Very cool and very usable !!

Recreation of a Richie Kötzen  Bogner Ecstacy classic 
Channel 1. Not really common sounds but very nice and usable in a track.

Recreation of a Tim Pierce OD wit a V-Empire Greenpoint, like the man himself, very good.

Recreation of a Bogner Ecstacy classic green channel with J.Rocket 
Archer OD.